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Dog daycare flooring lends itself to dog training, doggy daycares, dog agility, Flyball, and more. Greatmats offers a wide variety of durable foam and rubber flooring options designed for dog flooring in daycares and boarding settings.

Interlocking rubber tiles or rubber rolls are great for kennel and training center floors. Modular perforated floors are excellent for outdoor dog kennels. Whatever your needs, Greatmats is sure to have a flooring option to suit your project. Products: Showing of Filter v. Price—Low to High.

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Price—High to Low. How to Clean Dog Daycare Flooring. How to Disinfect Dog Kennel Flooring. How to Choose Dog Agility Turf. Top 5 Floors for Dog Training. Rubber mats for dogs: Dog training and daycare flooring options. What makes the best dog crate floor protection mat? How thick should rubber flooring be for dog daycares? Showing of Products. Dog flooring offers the following benefits: Quality flooring can create a professional appearance to enhance any facility Cushion and proper traction maximizes safety for both dogs and handlers Flooring prevents digging and other potential damage that dogs may cause Dog flooring is easy to clean, creating a hygienic space and cutting down on your cleaning time Consider dog flooring for the following uses: Dog training facilities Doggy daycares Boarding facilities Dog agility courses And more As you choose flooring for your facility, you may want to look for the following qualities: Cushioned, forgiving surface Excellent traction, even when wet Easy installation High durability Easy cleaning Free of materials such as lead and latex Economical We've outlined a few of our most popular indoor dog kennel flooring ideas to help you get started.

Read More Rolled Rubber Flooring Dog kennel rubber flooring is a popular option for large indoor dog play areas. Made of recycled tire rubber, rolled rubber flooring is durable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. Rolled rubber has been used in world-renowned dog daycare centers for more than a decade, and because they are so durable, these floors still look like new.

Rolled rubber is often used as indoor dog pen flooring, since it is tacky enough to provide dog paws with good grip, while also being firm enough to not be damaged by claws. Dog kennel rubber flooring is gentle on dogs' paw pads, but creates a safe surface that they can play, run, and roughhouse on. One of the major benefits of rolled rubber is that you can economically and quickly cover large areas.

turf mat for dogs

Rolled rubber creates fewer seams than rubber tiles or mats for floors do, but it is also heavy and installation generally requires multiple people. Greatmats offers low odor varieties of rolled rubber flooring that are suitable for indoor use. Rubber Tiles and Mats An alternative to rolled rubber, straight edged mats and interlocking tiles are smaller and easier to handle for a simpler installation. They also are easier to repair or replace than rolled rubber; if an area is damaged, you can replace just one tile or just one mat.

Lawns For Dogs: Lawn Care Tips For Dog Owners

Rubber mats for dog kennels, like our Ring Matoffer anti-fatigue properties and are highly durable. The Rubber Ring Mat features ring perforations to allow for excellent drainage. The mat helps to keep the dogs up off of a concrete floor, but allows for easy washing, hosing, and cleaning of your dog kennels.

Rubber tiles can be used in kennels, in run-in areas, and in training spaces. Our Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile is durable and features interlocking edges for an easy installation.EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners.

Because of its unmatched artificial dog grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy.

Plus, over time, EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.

Make your pets happy with San Diego pet turf. The means clean up will be a snap. Remember…not only will EasyTurf artificial dog grass provide you with beautiful and useful artificial grass landscaping; it will also give the peace of mind that you have a clean, safe lawn for your pet.

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Why Pet Owners Love EasyTurf EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners.

Free Design Consultation. So many ways that EasyTurf artifical grass is better! Drainage MaxxFlow, proprietary drainage technology, makes pet grass clean up a snap. No Discoloring EasyTurf artificial grass will not discolor or stain from pet use. No Muddy Pawprints Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past. Non-toxic EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs is non-toxic giving you peace of mind.

Tough and Durable EasyTurf is durable, standing up to even the toughest of pets. No more brown spots and dead grass Dead grass and brown spots are a thing of the past with EasyTurf dog grass. The Difference is in the Drainage. Why EasyTurf? Most Installations With over 40, installations Nationwide, we know a thing or two. Artificial Grass for Dogs. EasyTurf Products - often imitated, never matched.

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Email Address. Best time to contact? Check all that apply Morning. Street Address. Would you like to tell us more about your project? No, not at the moment. What area are you looking to transform?

turf mat for dogs

Check all that apply Front Yard. Back Yard. Dog Run. Side yard. If you know the rough size of the area, please list it here:.I live in the country, so our dogs spend lots of time outside, but also in their kennel and attached run, and in our mudroom.

They even go to my husband's office.

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We've tried to make all their areas comfortable, safe and clean. But occasionally we need to board the dogs, and I have noticed a big difference in various boarding facilities. With the rise of doggy daycare centers, many dog owners have been learning more about what constitutes a good dog space.

Believe it or not, flooring is a major factor in how healthy and happy a dog is. The Humane Society of America advocates strongly against wire mesh flooring - like you find in a cage. Puppy mills are the biggest users of this type of flooring because dog waste can theoretically pass through the mesh. But the bottom line is the flooring is unsafe. Dogs' feet and toenails can get stuck in the mesh, causing pain or even injury. It is uncomfortable for the dogs to move around in a wire cage so they may stay put in one place, becoming depressed, developing sores, and more.

Outdoor runs featuring grass or dirt quickly result in dirty dogs, and can be difficult to keep clean. Gravel and wood chips can also be dirty and unsanitary. Concrete is another option with some major drawbacks. It can be hot or cold, depending on the weather. If installed without a slope, water and urine can pool.

Odors can be difficult to remove from concrete, and liquid waste can cause mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Concrete is hard on a dog's foot pads, joints, and elbows. Just like humans, dogs weren't meant to stand all day on concrete. Fortunately, using concrete topped with foam or rubber mats for dogs can solve a lot of these problems, keeping your pooch comfy and safe.

Let's look at rubber mats for dogs. Rubber is super durable - it is the material used for horse stall mats, industrial flooring, etc. Often, you can buy a product made from recycled tires, which is a win win on several counts.

Rolled Rubber Flooring Mats for Dogs When covering large indoor dog play areas, rolled rubber flooring is a great option. Made of recycled tire rubber, this flooring is durable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. This type of dog flooring has been used in world renowned dog daycare centers for more than a decade and still looks like new.

Rolled rubber mats for dogs is a great doggy daycare flooring as it is tacky enough to allow dog paws to grip, firm enough to prevent damage from claws and smooth enough to be gentle on the dogs' pads. Properly installed, dogs won't be able to chew it, and it is tough enough to not be shredded by their nails.

Be careful though, as some rubber flooring for dogs, particularly recycled flooring can have a strong sulphur odor. One online retailer that offers a low odor product is Greatmats. Rubber flooring for pets and dogs is also offered in straight edged mats and interlocking tiles, giving you a variety of options of sizes and thicknesses.On top of the seasonal and miscellaneous challenges of growing and maintaining a luscious natural lawn, dogs present an extra challenge- a few of them, actually.

Digging just so happens to produce bald spots in your yard and if your dog enjoys scraping out tunnels, chances are, your clean, indoor carpet also suffers the consequences. So, reason one? Clean paws and a seamless lawn. Dog poop: Many people think that synthetic turf will be a hassle to deal with when dogs start using it as their personal bathroom, but the right type of artificial grass cleans better than natural turf.

Unlike feces which are smelly at worst, dog urine is high in nitrogen which can sizzle up grass permanently by burning its roots and creating dead spots. Bugs: Another common issue of the dog-and-yard combination is the virility of itchy, toxic, or parasitic critters. This makes summer a huge, careless fun-fest for your dog. Also, it makes your life a whole lot easier since protecting your lawn pets and children from bugs can be a lot of work.

When it comes to artificial grass made for dogs, there are a few important features to keep in mind. The product must be made from a polyethylene or polypropylene material nylon is very porous and designed with a specialized backing style to maximize draining capacity. Most pet-friendly turf also incorporates antimicrobial agents into its formula to prevent the growth of toxins and neutralize odors.

Artificial grass made for dog use is also devoid of infill because it retains moisture and the ideal turf is one that airs well. With Pet Zen Garden, you can expect to benefit from the markers that go into creating an excellent artificial dog grass that your pups will love. These include safety, easily drainable construction, easy to clean material, and extreme durability. The Pet Zen Garden grass is completely permeable to urine, thanks to its being rubber-backed with drainage holes.

The 4-toned blades offer a natural and light appearance to the grass, maintaining the natural look of your lawn with none of the mess or smell. Pet Zen Garden is extremely low maintenance. Not only that, but your dog will love prancing round on their Pet Zen Garden grass all year round, keeping their paws clean and staying safe and healthy all the while. Zen Garden offers their pet grass in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the type that fits your exact requirements.

The grass blades are approximately 1. The blades of the Pet Zen Garden grass are soft and lush, weighing over 70oz to further contribute to its comfort and durability.

Golden Moon Pet Grass is designed for dog owners who are tired of their dog relentlessly tearing their yard to shreds. With Golden Moon artificial grass for your dog, you can get back your sanity and a neat yard all year round. Not only that, but mud and puddles will become a thing of the past. As a result, this pet grass boasts a high permeability and looks and feels just like real grass.

This allows liquid to flow straight through for your convenience, but also gets your dog used to the feel of real grass while potty training, or eliminates the learning curve for older dogs who are already accustomed to it.

With Golden Moon, you need not fear for the safety of your pets or any children you may have living in your home. This pet turf is made completely of safe materials and is antibacterial.

This easy-to-clean grass mat can be restored to a like-new condition by simply rinsing it with mild detergent first, followed by fresh water. From there, replace it in its intended location and continue its use as normal. Your dogs will still love to play on their Golden Moon Pet Grass for years to come, and with a simple clean from time to time, it will stay in its best condition throughout its lifetime.

No more dogs coming inside your house with muddy paws, or being greeted with gross smells when you step into your backyard! To play, do their business, or simply to roam around outside and bask in the sunshine, SynLawn artificial grass offers superior comfort and durability for your furry friends. Utilizing resilient Y shaped grass blades featuring HeatBlock Technology, your SynLawn pet System will have consistent low surface temperatures.

In addition, the different color tones result in a natural appearance from your artificial grass all year long. This pet turf is designed to be ideal for pet play and to provide an agility area for animals of any shape and size. Not only does this lessen its impact on the environment, but it also offers superior strength as well as dimensional stability.

The resilient design utilizes a dense polypropylene thatch that offers plenty of support, while the soft blade offers the latest technological advancements to create added support in the spine cross-section.

With everything that the SynLawn Pet System offers, we definitely view it as one of the best choices on the market as an artificial grass for your dog.Our pet turf is great for backyards, dog runs, kennels, daycare facilities, dog agility courses, and more. K9 Deluxe 60 oz. K9 Champion DF 70 oz. Our pet turf features low pile heights and an innovative backing that makes waste cleanup easy. This turf can also handle immense amounts of traffic and play from your four-legged friends, providing you peace-of-mind that your turf investment will stand the test of time.

Our two low-pile height products are K9 Deluxe and K9 Champion, both of which are fantastic turf options for pet yards, dog runs, pet boarding facilities, vet offices, and more. Recently, YouTube dog training sensation Zak George utilized our K9 Champion turf when playing fetch with a highly active Labrador retriever named Goose. Nothing showcases the performance of our artificial grass for dogs than seeing it in action for yourself.

turf mat for dogs

Not only did our turf withstand the aggressive paw traffic from Goose, but it also is one of the softest synthetic grass products that Zak has ever felt.

In addition, it will eliminate any issues you have with mud and puddles. The most important feature to consider before purchasing artificial turf for your pets is drainage.

Drainage efficiency is ultimately what eliminates mud and puddles from a yard, which is one of the biggest perks of pet turf. In addition, drainage is extremely important for eliminating the complications of turf and pet urine. Most turf available on the market has perforated backings, which means pet urine has to make its way to drainage holes before passing through the turf.

It is not uncommon for liquids, including urine, to rest in the areas between these drainage holes which results in a terrible odor. On top of that, the infill that is used to weigh down the turf can make its way to the drainage holes and completely block them. This blockage is bad because it can create puddles of urine or water on top of your turf.

With a flow-through backing like ProFlow, the urine does not need to find these holes to drain; it just drains right through.

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Our turf backing also eliminates the issues with infill clogging drainage holes, because there are no drainage holes! In case you are wondering whether or not ProGreen artificial turf can really stand up to your big dogs, it might ease your mind to know that our K9 Deluxe 60 has been installed in military canine training facilities across the country, as well as countless dog boarding facilities, including Wet Noses Dry Paws in Tacoma, WA and The Doggie Chalet in NJ.

The product was designed to meet the needs of pets. It is tough and resilient, but still incredibly soft. In short, dogs love it and so do their owners. Our K9 pet grass is great for backyards, dog runs, kennels, daycare facilities, dog agility courses, and more. Yes No I don't know. Pet Turf Drainage The most important feature to consider before purchasing artificial turf for your pets is drainage. Learn more about the importance of drainage for pet turf. Our Pet Products K9 Deluxe.

Pile Height: 1.

Pet Turf: Fake Artificial Grass Mats & Rolls

Face Weight 60 oz. Face Weight 70 oz.Most companies will call this type of artificial turf pet turf. Pet turf is just artificial turf that is specifically designed with dogs in mind. What makes them ideal for dogs is the drainage. A normal artificial turf product does not have a backing system on it for drainage, so the urine will just sit on top of the artificial turf with nowhere to go and will then begin to smell bad.

Not having a proper, well-made backing system for drainage can be just as ineffective though if it barely helps with the drainage. So, what is the best artificial grass for dogs really then? Most companies will use a solid urethane or latex backing system for their pet turf products. This is a black backing with holes punched through the product to allow for drainage. The obvious flaw with this type of backing is that your dog would have to have incredibly great aim to make it in the holes every time they went to the bathroom.

Once the urine is in the turf, the urine odor will be there forever. Here at ProLawn Turfwe use an environmentally engineered DuraFlo backing system made of a spun plastic. This will then allow the pet urine to wash out through the turf product into the absorbent base underlayment material. In the end, it will therefore end up being more affordable than the urethane or latex product. Be aware of knockoff backing systems from other companies that achieve some degree of permeability, but have still not been able to reach statistical longevity.

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The products are new, so only time will tell how they hold up. Some companies will use the same ideas behind their backing system as ours, but will use different materials and machines to make them. Companies that use too much adhesive on the artificial turf product will actually cause the opposite effect for absorption.

Too much adhesive will actually result in worse drainage than the urethane or latex hole punched products.

turf mat for dogs

If too much adhesive is used, the adhesive will absorb the moisture from the urine and cause a very bad urine odor. These new artificial turf products may begin to fall apart. We have mastered the pet turf product. We have the most pet friendly artificial turf products around.

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Give us a call today for a free estimate at to make your dog the happiest he or she can be! The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs. Solid, Hole Punched Urethane or Latex Backing System Most companies will use a solid urethane or latex backing system for their pet turf products. Artificial Grass artificial grass for dogs artificial putting greens artificial Turf artificial turf for dogs artificial turf inland empire artificial turf murrieta artificial turf San Diego artificial turf temecula astro turf dog friendly turf dog turf exterior design Fake Grass k9 turf landscape artificial grass landscape artificial turf landscape contractor outdoor makeover pet friendly turf pet turf Putting Greens Synthetic Grass synthetic lawn synthetic turf.

About the author. Related posts. Is Artificial Turf Good for Dogs? May 15, Backyard Putting Green for Entertainment April 8, February 20, Skip to main content Artificial Pet Grass. Yd,3 Feet X 5 Feet. I have tried nearly every possible solution for apartment living with a dog and this is probably the most cost-effective.

It's large enough for my large-breed dog to do his business on, but small enough to carry inside the house and spray down in the tub when it's ready to wash. Currently I use an enzyme spray to keep it from getting too nasty but it holds up better than real grass and it's much cheaper long-term!

See All Buying Options. I was afraid my dog wouldn't use this since she is used to going outside but sometimes I just can't get right home and she needed an alternative so I decided to give this a shot.

It worked! She took to it immediately and pees and poops exactly where she should. For those who are having trouble getting your dog to use the pad what I did was bring a few dead leaves inside. My dog a 22lb Boston Terrier pees in leaves all the time so when she saw and smelled leaves on top of what appeared to be grass she didn't think twice about using it as a potty.

The next time there were no leaves but she had identified it as a place where she was allowed to pee so she kept using it. The only issues I've had are that I should have made her a This is a VERY thick and tall artificial turf. There are multiple colors and textures within the individual blades - even some "dried out" blades that add to the realism.

I actually don't have a yard so I use it as an "alternative" grassy patch on my deck in place of an outdoor carpet.

Rubber mats for dogs: Dog training and daycare flooring options

It's a little more expensive than other options but well worth it. The texture is soft, and the grass is very thick and full. There is a strong off-gassing smell, which if it were outside would not be an issue. I'm letting it air out on the deck because I'm hoping to use it as a table runner for a Wonderland Tea party. The seaming is strong. There was no shedding, and I had to work to part the grass blades so as not to cut too many.

I plan to use tape on the backside to join it end to end, and will configure it in any other way by the same method to use in other applications, such as a mat in front of my tent when glamping. My dogs are so happy! I have to hose it off every days with 3 small dogs. So simple! I just love it and my muttleys do too. I was a bit sceptical at first ordering this product online but it looks amazing.

Used this for a city balcony. It is extremely easy to install.